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"You don't always need a plan. Sometimes you just need to breathe, trust, let go and see what happens. "

– Beau Taplin

I started DearYouLoveEm in 2010. I was just starting university and looking to take on a creative hobby whilst I buried my head in my psychology and commerce studies . The blog back in 2010 would be totally unrecognisable to the one you're currently reading today. The name was different, format was messy and photos were taken on my Nokia mobile. It was awful and my writing wasn't coherent,  but I loved it. It was my little secret.

Move forward six years and it feels like a lot has changed. I finished university, I broke up with my boyfriend and went through what seemed like the worlds worst breakup, I moved out of home, I got a 'real' job and I'm doing everything I feel I can to be a successful twenty-something adult.  I still have days where I want to eat pizza for breakfast, spend money on things I shouldn't but all on all, It's going okay. At least, it was going okay.

Last year was a sad year. The kind of heart-wrenching sad that makes you're heart heavy and your eyes sore. I lost my sister-in-law. She was in an accident and it was all very sudden.  I remember that day like no-other and there was so much about that day and the days that followed that I'll always remember. It's taken me over a year to write about this, and even then I'm struggling with whether or not I should press publish. It still seems so very raw, sudden and tragic.

It was after her passing that my brother informed me that she used to be an avid reader of my  'secret' blog...

"She found your blog... I'm not sure how, but she used to really enjoy reading it. Wasn't she always so sneaky like that? "


It was after then that I thought regardless of what happened, what my priorities were and how busy life got,  I would keep blogging. I would fight any writers block that came my way, I would fight my fear of not being good enough. I would do it for her.

At least, that was the plan. 


Last year, months after the accident when the support slowly faded and everyone went back to their lives I realised I was struggling on my own. It's hard to say whether it was directly because of the passing of my sister-in-law, but I was quite simply a mess. That, mixed with the blogging world feeling different, contrived, robotic. I felt like I had zero originality and even less conviction. My passion was there, but I felt cold unable to believe in my own message. My blog took a back seat, and I needed time. 

I suppose that takes us to today.

My blog is no longer private, there are people who know about it and that's okay. I am actually really proud of this piece of the internet. I'm happy that Amy used to enjoy reading it, I'm happy that I can still write and although I'm certainly not a writer by nature. I did it, I wrote something. I didn't give up.


If you had asked me a month ago what my dream holiday looks like I  would have said 'anywhere I can lie in the sun, cocktail in hand with a good book and great company', although after my recent trip to Pumphouse Point I can safely say my answer has changed. Being completely surrounded by wilderness, the snow falling on our rooftop while we were around the fire; cup of coffee in one hand and freshly baked bread in the other, I was in my element.

Pumphouse Point is located upon the southern hemisphere's deepest lake, Lake St Clair. The rooms are understated, modern and stylish. Our room included a couch which looked upon the Pumphouse, and a very generously sized bathtub which made those cold nights all the better. Guests have the use of bikes and row boats however we enjoyed simply walking among the snow, then heading  quickly inside to sit beside the fireplace.

Although our holiday ended as quickly as it had arrived and we were soon thrown back into our all-too familiar lifestyle, I can safely say it was a holiday I'll never forget. If you ever visit Tasmania, Pumphouse Point is certainly an somewhere you must experience for yourself.

Have you been to Tasmania? Where is your ideal holiday? 


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Those of you in the northern hemisphere may not think there is anything unusual about writing a post about knitwear, however as I am based in Sydney, Australia I can confirm that it is summer. Not only that but I am currently on holidays. Now, before you start picturing me on a sun-bed holding a cocktail let me clarify by admitting that I am currently wearing my Christmas jumper (is that not the weirdest thing you’ve heard in January? Although it's the only jumper I happened to have with me), huddled under not one, but three blankets listening to rain outside and am unable to leave said holiday destination due to surrounding floods. Jealous? I thought so. 

To be honest I really can't complain, I have gone through my fair share of Greys Anatomy (no spoilers please!) and although we are currently running out of food (baked beans anyone?) it is lovely to be cuddled up under layers of blankets and clothing, which got me day-dreaming about some jumpers that may be more appropriate than the one I am currently rocking.

Jumper number six isn't something I would normally wear, but considering the lack of food we have in our current situation  it couldn't be more true!

Which one is your favourite? 


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It was only the other day whilst I was leaving the house I looked at my phone and realised I hadn’t changed my background since I posted this blog post (here). As lovely as the wallpaper was, it certainly was time to move away from the Merry Christmas theme and start the new year fresh, confident and ready for all kinds of positive change

I am frequently reminded by Dan that my love of inspirational quotes is not shared by everyone so I’ve reined that desire in and kept things colourful, positive and simplistic-ish

I hope that the Christmas break was everything you wished and more and that January has been kind on you thus far, and that you’re feeling ready for great things to happen in 2016. Bring. it. on! 


This is the 'most wonderful time of the year' however it can also be one of the most stressful times, with lots of families coming together, the hustle and bustle of shopping centers, chaotic roads and small children running (or should I say, screaming) everywhere you go. I read a book recently which highlighted the benefits of mindfulness training. The best part about it? You don't need to be locked away in a Zen temple, or mumbling anything to yourself. You can practice it right now, in the middle of an argument, or sitting on a crowded train on your way home whilst you silently hate the person behind playing music way too loud... We've all been there, haven't we?

1. Check in and breath. In the middle of a stressful situation take a moment and turn your attention to your posture and notice how your body is feeling. Have you been sitting too long? Is your back hunched? Sit up straight or correct your posture and take a few breaths. centre yourself and it will slowly bring your mind back to the present. 

2. Notice your feelings. Too often when people frustrate us it is because we often focus on what we want, how we think we should be treated and how the world 'should' be. Take a step back from these emotions and take you out of the equation to see the big picture.  

3. Let go of control. Practice letting go and letting things happen. Practice not stressing over things being out of your control. Practice being happy no matter what happens

Of course this is easier said then done, but with practice hopefully we will be on our way to being mindful and relaxed, even in the toughest situations. 

What do you do to relax in stressful situations? 

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