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I recently signed up to the gym, and by recently I mean I went once, and then waited several months before returning because... life happened (I think we've all been there). 

Then, one morning I woke up with a mixture of determination and frustration, dragged my sorry ass out of bed and into the gym. I arrived, that was meant to be the hardest part, right? Wrong! I looked around at everyone who looked so confident on the machines, those with personal trainers and then there was me, in a corner feeling completely overwhelmed. So I decided to go slow and take a class. One class, it didn't have to become a ritual, just one to get me feeling accomplished. 

I picked Hot Yoga, and not because of some deep meaningful reason but because it was the first class on for the day, and I got hooked. There are a few things I loved about Hot Yoga, but mostly:

Flexibility - The heat really helps to be able to stretch yourself that little bit further and I was leave the class feeling a little bit more limber then when I came in.

Routine - I would be the last person to say I like routine as I am the queen of spontaneity in my personal life, however Hot Yoga gave me, 'me' time, and anyone who says they don't like that is lying.

It was hard - I hate to be one of those people, but yoga just doesn't look very challenging, right? Wrong! The next day muscles I didn't even realise I had were sore. I also love that every week was another small challenge to improve.

Peace - The ability to take time out of your day to focus on breathing and mindfulness really helps still the mind, and after a crazy day at work that is exactly what the doctor ordered.

Have you tried hot yoga? What did you think?


If you had asked me a month ago what my dream holiday looks like I  would have said 'anywhere I can lie in the sun, cocktail in hand with a good book and great company', although after my recent trip to Pumphouse Point I can safely say my answer has changed. Being completely surrounded by wilderness, the snow falling on our rooftop while we were around the fire; cup of coffee in one hand and freshly baked bread in the other, I was in my element.

Pumphouse Point is located upon the southern hemisphere's deepest lake, Lake St Clair. The rooms are understated, modern and stylish. Our room included a couch which looked upon the Pumphouse, and a very generously sized bathtub which made those cold nights all the better. Guests have the use of bikes and row boats however we enjoyed simply walking among the snow, then heading  quickly inside to sit beside the fireplace.

Although our holiday ended as quickly as it had arrived and we were soon thrown back into our all-too familiar lifestyle, I can safely say it was a holiday I'll never forget. If you ever visit Tasmania, Pumphouse Point is certainly an somewhere you must experience for yourself.

Have you been to Tasmania? Where is your ideal holiday? 


I came into 2016 with no resolutions or 'goals'. I just didn't have any that I felt passion enough about to pick on and then it came to me. 

Recently I've felt overwhelmed by my dependence on technology. I spend the majority of my week at work on the computer, and spend my lunch time checking Instagram or reading my e-book and then will come home and catch up on tv whilst I write up blog posts. Aside from work, I can say that I honestly love all of it and I don't know where we would be today without my mate Google but there is a time and a place and in 2016 I'm going to live my life a little more offline

20 things to do offline:
1. Visit a library and borrow a book.
2. Learn a new language.
3. Read a hard copy book.
4. Volunteer for something you believe in.
5. Enroll in a short course (try here for free online courses).
6. Hug a friend.
7. Write your bucket list.
8. Make a photocopy album/ scrapbook (hard copy, not digital).
9. Make a herb garden
10. Make your daily commute device-free.
11. Stay off emails/social media for a day.
12. Do Yoga.
13. Visit a local market.
14. Tell someone you love them.
15. Walk on the beach barefoot.
16. Start a recipe book.
17. Learn to meditate
18. Go to a play or musical.
19. Watch the sunrise with someone special.
20. Have a picnic. 

I think that this is going to be a great series on the blog, so get excited for some future #logoffandlive post.

Let me know if you enjoyed this post and I encourage you all to get involved posting your own experience when you #logoffandlive .


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Those of you in the northern hemisphere may not think there is anything unusual about writing a post about knitwear, however as I am based in Sydney, Australia I can confirm that it is summer. Not only that but I am currently on holidays. Now, before you start picturing me on a sun-bed holding a cocktail let me clarify by admitting that I am currently wearing my Christmas jumper (is that not the weirdest thing you’ve heard in January? Although it's the only jumper I happened to have with me), huddled under not one, but three blankets listening to rain outside and am unable to leave said holiday destination due to surrounding floods. Jealous? I thought so. 

To be honest I really can't complain, I have gone through my fair share of Greys Anatomy (no spoilers please!) and although we are currently running out of food (baked beans anyone?) it is lovely to be cuddled up under layers of blankets and clothing, which got me day-dreaming about some jumpers that may be more appropriate than the one I am currently rocking.

Jumper number six isn't something I would normally wear, but considering the lack of food we have in our current situation  it couldn't be more true!

Which one is your favourite? 


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It was only the other day whilst I was leaving the house I looked at my phone and realised I hadn’t changed my background since I posted this blog post (here). As lovely as the wallpaper was, it certainly was time to move away from the Merry Christmas theme and start the new year fresh, confident and ready for all kinds of positive change

I am frequently reminded by Dan that my love of inspirational quotes is not shared by everyone so I’ve reined that desire in and kept things colourful, positive and simplistic-ish

I hope that the Christmas break was everything you wished and more and that January has been kind on you thus far, and that you’re feeling ready for great things to happen in 2016. Bring. it. on! 

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