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I was going through my handbag the other day and found not one, not two but SIX lip balms, and TWLEVE actual lipsticks. I will confess that I love my lip products but I feel a bit excessive carrying so many around at once! 

So which lip balm made the cut?  

Nivea Soft Rose: 

The pigmentation of the tint in this product is extremely sheer however it is an excellent lip balm for moisturising the lips. The product doesn't melt onto the lips as easily as some of my other products however it has an SPF which means it would be an excellent lip product to have in my bag for Spring/Summer to stop my lips from getting burnt. 

Lush Honey Trap: 

This was one of the first Lush lip products I had ever purchased and unfortunately I felt it didn't face up to the high expectations I had. The tiny tin has a screw mechanism which I find painful to open sometimes, especially if your hands are slippery and the smell is meant to be white chocolate however I feel like it smells like play dough (maybe I just got a bad one?). In terms of the product itself it is a good moisturiser- not great compared to others but its okay. 

Palmers Dark Chocolate and Peppermint Lip Butter: 
This product without a doubt provides the best scent for a lip balm that I have ever experienced. This little gem also has Vitamin E and petrolatum which is supposed to give extra moisture  to the lips however in terms of treating dry, chapped or cracked lips I have never found this extremely useful. There is however a hint of a gloss in the product so if you have un-chapped lips and are looking for a nice gloss/scented lip product I would certainly recommend this. 

Moa The Green Balm: 
Last but certainly not least is this organic product made from 100% natural ingredients with reviews stating it is so natural it can even be added to hot water and honey and gargled to aid sore throats (I am yet to try that, but if you have please do let me know how you go!). I have used different organic oils before but this one has the best consistency, as well as a little bit going a long way. I honestly could not be happier with this little gem- it moisturises cracked lips or any dry skin you might have better than any other product I have ever used and I will certainly be buying the full sized version soon! 

So which is the best?  Moa The Green Balm.

This bad boy is so handy I honestly don't think even my beloved Blistex or Lucas Paw Paw will ever be looked with as much admiration again. In the months I have had this I have used it on dry skin, chapped lips and all the bits and bobs in between and it has worked better than moisturiser on some cases to make my skin baby smooth! Certainly worth a try!

4 comments on "LIP BALMS: WINTER LIPS "
  1. Hey Em!

    Great review. My lips are always chapped no matter what season. I haven't tried Moa The Green Balm but I just may give it a shot!

    I'm your newest follower!

    Xo, Michelle

  2. Hello beautiful!
    OH I prooooomise you you will not regret it- It is honestly such an incredible product and worth every scent :) Thank you so much for your comment I hope you have a wonderful day x

  3. I have the exact same Nivea lipbalm with that one on the pict<3
    Visit my blog whenever u had a chance, and would you like to follow each other?
    follow via Bloglovin

  4. I swear by Nivea lip products for winter chapped lips. Great review! Going to try out the Coco Palmer lip butter :)


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