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This year I did the unthinkable,I finished my Christmas shopping BEFORE the end of November. I feel like we all need to take a minute to appreciate what an accomplishment that is, especially when I cast my mind back to last Christmas....

Running around  Christmas Eve night in a 24 hour KMART frantically trying to rationalise the fact I was just about to buy my brother a pair of $5 socks and a DVD which I was not entirely sure was in English....    

Move forward 11 months and I finally got myself organised (which in itself is a rarity for me). It was even more delightful when I realised not only did I find presents this year I think each member of my family would love, the entire wrapping process is really quite enjoyable when you have the time to do it (I still can not believe it took me 21 years to figure this out- oh what a genius you can be sometimes Emily).  I found the cutest wrapping paper in Typo which you can find here. There is something about Snoopy themed christmas paper that makes me reminisce about my childhood.

I am now off to look up how to cook gingerbread men. I really am getting into the festive spirit now and pretty excited about it all! 

Speak Soon, 

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