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My Current Skincare.

I recently went into Mecca Cosmetics after a day at work that never really felt like it would end (thats retail at Christmas for you though isn't it?) and picked up some sneaky products! Luckily for me the lady who served me really new her skincare as they are both wonderful products that I would highly recommend to anyone looking to spice up their skincare routine this year.

These 'This Works: In transit no traces' facial cleansing wipes are absolutely wonderful. I have normal skin and these are wonderful at taking makeup off (even waterproof eye makeup) without being drying or causing irritation to the eyes. The added bonus of the rosewater and water mint means that it not only works on your skin but the smell is so refreshing!   

The Nars Skin 'multi action hydrating toner' is the first NARS skincare product I have ever used and I had high expectations which it managed to satisfy. My favourite part of this product is the fact that it has a light reflecting component where it gives your face a natural glow allowing your skin to look radiant without the use of any highlighters or makeup. Parfait!

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