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Sportsgirl has been renowned for its fashion forward clothing since early 2000, although on a recent trip to their Pitt St store it was actually their makeup section that caught my eyes. 

I'll paint you the picture…

Em: ohhh I want all these clothes! They are all so lovely! 
Friend: I know right! Imagine if this was your wardrobe! 

*both stare into space imagining it for a second and then do a communal sigh as we are snapped back into reality that we are both students and thus is a LONG way from happening* 

Friend: Em isn't this dress beauti… ah.. Em? 
(friend turns around to find me now on the other side of the store ogling at the makeup)  
Friend: every freaaakin time! 

It actually has REALLY good pigmentation, my shotty photography and swatching didn't really portray it very well though… forgive me? 

The Sportsgirl Winter Eye Like it Palette is a beautiful neutral palette with the best of both worlds- the neutral and evening smokey eye look. The first seven colours consist of some beautiful champagne, light brown and copper colours and then they progress to the darker browns, graphite and grey colours towards the end of the palette. 

In regards to the packaging, yes it is cardboard with a magnetic flip lid but it does contain a handy mirror and two sponge applicators (I don't use these, but I appreciate they are there) making it easy to travel with. Furthermore the colours are SO highly pigmented and at only $14.95 it honestly makes me feel a little silly for investing in Urban Decays Naked 2 Palette because these colours are almost just as good… oh yes, I did just say that. My only critique is that I would like to see more matte colours but one day I will find my perfect palette that I will not be able to fault! 

Until then the search continues!

If you like the palette you can buy it from here 
(and they do international delivery, so you can thank me later) 

What is your favourite palette you own? Have you found the perfect one yet? 

Let me know! 

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