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1. Chocolate ice cream instead of your Vegemite sandwich for lunch on your break. Ideally not the most filling, healthiest or smartest decision, but it certainly made a bad day working in retail much, much more bearable!

2. My new hat (shown in my earlier post!) and my new Rimmel Apocalips Lipgloss in the colour 'Big Bang'! Such a beautiful colour and so long lasting- makes me a very happy girl. 

3. The weather this week has been better than I could've asked for, clear skies and warm days. Now all I need is not to be indoors working all week and everything would be perfect! (Isn't that always the way?) 

4. Banana smoothies are my favourite summer drink at the moment. I bought this one in a cafe when I went to lunch with my mum the other day and was so impressed when the smoothie came in an old mason jar!  Id love to have glasses like these in my own place soon!

5. Working outside with my sunflowers, daily planner, laptop and colourful highlighters make me so inspired and realise how lucky I am to have such incredible things.

6. I baked cupcakes for one of my good friends birthdays- the best part? Taste testing them and choosing decorations for the top! So delicious!

7. Food that surprises you by having a smiley face on it. The best kind of surprise!

8. This past week I have been really enjoying bubble baths (gives me an excuse to use my stash of Lush bath products so no complaints here) and there is something so lovely about having a warm bath after you come home from  a stressful day at work, Actually, just thinking about it makes me relaxed already…

9. Two words, puppy cuddles. Enough said.

What has made you happy this week? 

Do you like these kind of posts? 

Let me know! 

I love looking back and appreciating the little things!

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