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The Sydney Harbour Bridge!
Pyrmont Bridge 
Darling Harbour- what an incredible day!?
Last weekend Daniel and I went on a bit of an adventure to Darling Harbour in the beautiful city of Sydney. As we were walking around soaking up the sun and eating ice cream we played the ‘spot the tourist’ game, and as I am a devoted lover of people watching I like to think I am pretty good at it. Ironically, as I walked away from Daniel to take a few sneaky photos of the Pyrmont Bridge I got approached from a Norwegian tourist who came to the conclusion I must be a tourist  too due to holding a big camera and snapping away at all the landmarks, fair call. The conversation went a bit something like this 

Him:  “ahhh… this country is beautiful! where are you from?”
Me:  “I am from here actually!”
Him: “ohh the camera just… it makes it look like youre.. ahh…”


Him“well do you know how to get into this museum?”
(we were standing right in front of the doors to this museum)
Me: “I guess you just walk through the doors?”
Him“aha… right!”                  

An awkward conversation aside, Darling Harbour is filled with fun facilities, delicious desserts and sneaky snacks to keep your mind entertained and your belly satisfied.Truth be told, I like to pretend I'm a tourist when I am walking around Sydney sometimes because I think its so easy to take for granted where you live and the great things that make it unique! 

Don't Miss these spots...

Movenpick Ice Cream: This ice cream is downright delicious. My favourite flavour is the cookies and cream and mint choc chip! It makes my mouth water just thinking about it…

Grill’d: The burgers here are incredibly tasty, really affordable and the atmosphere is so relaxed. Bonus points if you get a seat near the window and can do some incredibly amusing people watching!

The Australian National Maritime Museum: I am a big fan of museums, Daniel isn’t, and we still both had a wonderful time looking at two of the exhibitions they had on. At the moment they have an exhibition about British Child Migrants who were forced here in the 1960s and an exhibition on US propaganda during WWII. Both were incredibly interesting- I had no idea that this even happened and seeing real life human testimonies on the effect it had on them is really quite eye opening.  More information on that exhibition here

All in all it was a really incredible day out. I honestly can't even choose my favourite part of the day because the food was all incredible, the museum was wonderful and just having a walk around Darling Harbour is always so much fun! 

Have you played tourist in your own town/city recently? 

Let me know! 

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