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Things have been really hectic recently but there is nothing better than grabbing a cup of hot tea, sitting down in my blogging chair (and yes I have one and its wonderful thank you!) and reflecting on the week. I recently bought this Gratitude Journal from Kikki-K and have tried to get into the hang of naming three things a day that make me happy- because when you look back, no matter how hectic things seem, life is pretty amazing. 

So being the little blogging family we are, I thought I would share a couple things here with you- enjoy! 

1. Getting back into the swing of things: Its funny, while I was travelling I never thought about how much I missed home. Sure I missed the people, yeah. But the place, not really… In fact it was almost the opposite. I missed the way I could be in my shower with shampoo in my eyes and reach down to know exactly where every cleanser and body wash bottle was. I missed cooking dinner and seeing the enjoyment on Dan's face as he eats it.  I missed the little things which really made all the difference (and I didn't even realise). 

2. Sunny winter days:  I feel like these two words contradict each other almost, and I hate to say it but coming back home after being in the UK I have a newfound appreciation of our Australian warm, sunny winter days. Today for example is 19°the sky is blue and the sun is out ahhh… so happy!  

3. Hot chocolate in bed: It should be said, I am not a morning person. When I was at the ripe old age of 8 I used to be a morning person, in fact I think that lasted well until I was at university… and then I became the complete opposite. Recently I have been a bit of a night owl and I can stay awake until the early hours of the morning with no caffeine consumption necessary. This makes waking up in the morning difficult until I hear the sweet sweet words "Would you like me to make you hot chocolate in bed Em?" and suddenly, mornings become my best friend.  

4. Fresh bed sheets: I always try and do the linen washing on a Sunday so that you get a refreshing night sleep before the big week ahead! Something about freshly clean bed sheets and towels make Monday much more bearable! 

5. Healthy brownies: This doesn't exist. Well, no …  I am sure it does,  but I am yet to perfect the recipe enough to make me happy. In fact I have attempted to make these the last two nights in a row with different recipes and somehow it never works out tasting nice. Oh Coconut Oil…  I am going to blame it all on you (because it can't be my baking skills… riiiight?).  I don't know if this one is a gratitude thing… I think I just needed to let someone know, and I feel better already! Heres to take three… 

"Give thanks for a little and you will find a lot"  

- Hausa Proverb

 I hope you enjoyed my Sunday Smiles this week, check back next Sunday for more! 

What are you grateful for this week? 

Let me know! 
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