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Scarf- BooHoo
Sunglasses- Versace
Jumper- Oxford
Jeans- Oxford
Boots- Just Jeans 
Bag- Michael Kors 
Necklace- Tiffany & Co 

Ahhh yes, ladies and gentlemen it is that time of year again... You know, that one. It sneaks up on us when we are just coming off our Autumn high and make us run and hide under our warm woolen covers. It is this time of the year (much to Dan's regret) when I convince myself that wearing non-matching fluffy bed socks out in public (hidden in my boots of course) is perfectly acceptable, when a morning without a cup of hot chocolate or coffee is absolute madness, and when I do not go a day without wearing a scarf wrapped around my neck. 

I literally have boxes of warm fluffy scarves that can be mixed and matched with any outfit under the sun and you know what? I aaaint even sorry about it. It is wonderful! There is nothing better than saving your poor defenceless neck from the harsh blows of a crisp Winter morning and if I can tie it into a somewhat successful looking outfit then thats one less thing I need to worry about in the morning- tres parfait!  

Recently on a little shop on I found this beautiful tartan scarf and it made me so happy I couldn't keep it from you any longer. Although last week whilst sitting in a bar watching one of my friends perform, a male friend of mine turned to me with a very confused look on his face as he whispered: 

"Em… why did you bring a picnic rug with you?"

All picnic rug look alike factors aside, tartan scarves are beautiful and the red base gives my winter outfits a much needed spruce.  So what do you think? Should Tartan be saved from their picnic-rug look alike doomed fate or should we let them walk back into our wardrobes? 

Let me know what you think! 

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