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Dear You, 

There is something satisfying about buying a foundation, getting home unpacking and putting it on your skin the next morning to find it actually is the right colour match for you. I feel we should have a communal sigh right now because lets face it, you know its happened to you. It's either too fair/dark/orange-toned/pink-toned or a combination, but somehow in the shop under that sneaky fluorescent lighting it matched (I swear it did!). But don't even get me start on the drugstore/high street foundations where you may as well close your eyes and point to any colour because when they don't have testers (or they do and they are empty) it just isn't going to happen… at least to me anyway! So when the colour is right for you, everything feels better. Unfortunately for a lot of these foundations, although my absolute favourite at the moment were not the right colour for me and thus got thrown in the 'give up on that foundation' pile until recently when I made amends, got the right colour and WOW… boy, was I missing out.  I really believe having a great foundation that provides an even complexion makes everything else you apply on your face look better. So without further ado, ladies and gentlemen here are my top foundations!   

Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua Foundation $45.00 

This foundation is a pleasure to wear day in and day out because of its lightweight and dewy finish on the skin. I usually wear it in the warmer months when I try and pull off that "Oh yes, my skin IS naturally flawless and dewy! and no, I can't possible be lying!" look. It is such a pleasure to wear I often forget I have anything on my face although it is water based so it needs a good shake before every application. 
Tip: if you have normal/dry skin with little blemishes and enjoy your foundation having a fruity scent you will love this 
This is a serum based foundation that glides on effortlessly and melts into the skin creating a uniform complexion with a semi-matte finish. It would be light to medium coverage foundation but it really does give you a revitalised 'healthy' glow. Alternatively, if you want a lighter coverage but the same healthy glow, you could opt for  which is lighter in consistency and gives a dewy finish to the skin rather than a matte finish like the other one. Ultimately I can not rave enough about either of them, just try it and you can thank me later! 
Tip: if you like NARS Sheer Glow, this foundation is right up your alley (and a much cheaper dupe) 
The first time I was colour matched for this foundation the lady at the counter mixed up the bottles resulting in me going home to a colour that was far too orange, and my skin is usually far too white, so as you can imagine it ended in a disaster. Fair enough to say the bottle was given to my friend who has a darker skin tone ("waste not, want not!") and I was left $50 short, until I was able to try a tester years later and well, it was love. Ultimately this foundation is a real hit for anyone with oily or break our prone skin because it lasts all day, even on oily skin. I have normal-dry skin but I still loved it though so I feel like if you can get a tester, I would recommend checking it out. It has medium coverage and can be built up on blemishes or areas of discolouration and lasts on my skin all day without having to powder, although I usually wear Sunday Riley's Effortless Breathable Tinted Primer underneath which certainly helps. 
Tip: If you have oily skin and a medium coverage that lasts 6+ hours without needing to blot, you will love this! 

What is your favourite foundation? I am always on the hunt for new discoveries! 

Speak soon

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