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Arriving at the beautiful Island, I was delighted (and a bit nervous) to do the thing I had heard so much about - donkey rides up the mountain! I honestly thought it would be a 'Sisters of the Travelling Pants' movie moment but it really wasn't, it was all very touristy but I still enjoyed it. My donkey and I bonded over his very feisty temperament (much like mine) and the highlight was the moment he decided half way up the mountain that he wanted to go back, so he turned around and started going back down the hill past my group. Wonderful - it really was 5 Euros well spent.

The sea really is as blue, and the buildings as beautiful, as you see in all the movies/advertisements/photos of this place. We caught a bus up to the top of Santorini to Oia (warningapparently the Greek definition of 'full capacity' is how ever many people can fit onto a bus with the doors closed. not necessarily the most comfortable 45 minute bus ride of my life, but hey, you do what you can do right?) and a little walk later we found ourselves looking out over this beautiful cliff! Every corner of the island really looks so picturesque it's crazy!

So naturally we took some sneaky couple shots ;)
Then it was finally time for some food! This restaurant wasn't too pricey but the view from the restaurant is insane and the food is absolutely delicious. My belly was very very happy afterwards! 
 The Yellow Donkey is a traditional Greek beer (and although this wasn't mine) I just loved the sticker on the bottle as it reminded me of my little donkey trudging up the mountain earlier that day! 
 This was delicious - it was almost like a Greek version of brushetta but on really crunchy dry bread and feta on top. Mmmhmm! It makes me hungry just thinking about it! 
 Note: the sign on the bottom right of this picture… rent a cat? Interesting. 
 There are certainly plenty and plenty of stairs and walking to do around the island but every corner of Santorini is beautiful and the view definitely helped me keep going when I started to feel tired (and very hot thanks to the jeans I was wearing that day- bad choice Emily, bad choice!). 

 After some more walking and taking those touristy shots we decided to head back into town for some ice cream to cool us down! 
 note: the post it note on the bottom left hand corner of the picture- how friendly! 

Honestly the best way to finish up such a wonderful day on the island, I definitely want to go back there again sometime and explore more areas but it definitely whet my appetite and gave me an idea of what the whole place is like. 

Have you been to Santorini? 

What did you think?

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