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I woke up bright and early this morning because I desperately wanted to write this post up- I think its actually becoming one of my favourite things to do on Sundays. There is something really refreshing about reflecting on the week thats been and celebrating the little joys that have made you happy. So without further ado here are the things that made me smile this week: 

1/ Planning upcoming posts - there are so many exciting travel ones coming up that I can't wait for you to see! 

2/ Grabbing the last car spot in the morning near my office so I don't have to walk an extra 15 minutes to the office. Not lazy, just efficient… right? 

3/ Chinese takeaway 

4/ Bikram Yoga (Hot Yoga) - who knew that being in a room with people and getting sweaty while doing stretches would be so enjoyable? Answer: Not Me. Then I did it, and my goodness it made me feel mentally and physically better for the next 24 hours or so. Come at me sweaty yoga, lets make this a weekly thing. 

5/ Catching up with friends who you haven't seen in years- my cheeks still hurt from all the smiling and laughter. 

What's made you happy this week? 
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