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Dear Emily, 

Look at you - all grown up and in your first year at University! Watch out world! I know you think you’re doing really well at the moment, (and you aren’t exactly doing terribly) but you’re about to struggle with a few things life is going to throw at you and I thought you might want to know how to handle it. Feel free to ignore this and carry on watching America's Next Top Model (ANTM) but don’t say I didn’t warn you… 

1. Their passion is not yours: It’s normal to not know what you want to do at 18. Yes, I know your best friend wants to do marketing and the lady at the cookie shop wants to do HR and work for Qantas but that doesn’t mean you should do it. Seriously. I know that you’re confused right now but following other people’s passions because they sound remotely interesting will not help you find your own. Do internships in your University holidays to get your foot in the door with some experience and you’ll shortcut your way to your ideal career in no time. 

2. Love yourself more than you love him: I know that you think his love is all-encompassing and that’s really great, but the moment he makes you feel unworthy you should respect yourself enough to walk away and not look back. Also, coming back for round two, three, four of the relationship will never be a good idea. Funnily enough, maybe even go for more walks down your street because the right man for you (who you’ll date now) is there- and he’s cuter, and has the most adorable Golden Retriever! 

3. Get off MSN and get in the kitchen:  Seriously, get off the computer and start letting your mother teach you how to cook. I promise in five years when you are no longer living at home you wish you could cook a bigger variety of things other than toast and scrambled eggs. Groan. 

4. Learn French: This one isn’t terribly urgent, but I feel like studying it at university as an elective would’ve made it much easier than listening to the ‘Learn to Speak French’ CD I have currently playing in my car. Humiliating at traffic lights when cars are pulled up next to me and hear me repeating “Salut” over and over again. 

Oh, and Ann Ward wins that season of ANTM- sorry couldn’t help myself! 

What would you go back in time and tell yourself? 

Speak Soon! 
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