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Dear You, 

I recently went out with a group of friends and amid our conversation of life, love and 'The Bachelor' (seriously, that show gets me every time!) you popped up in conversation. I know, I wasn’t expecting you either, but your presence couldn’t be ignored as one of my friends exclaimed her glowing skin was the result of you. Yes, you. I left that catchup with a belly full of cake (banana if you must know, you cheeky thing) and a mind that couldn’t shake the thought of you - so naturally, I brought you home with me that evening. 

Honestly you’re difficult, I won’t sugar-coat it. The bits of seaweed and oatmeal make your consistency less than desirable to smother over my face (as you can see by the picture) and washing you off is difficult but the result? I like you. I really like you. 

I was suffering from redness and my skin had 'that time of the month pimples coming up and the mask seemed to calm it down and make my skin really soft again. Was my friend right? Considering we have different skin types, surprisingly yes! Would I use it again? Sure, why not. The thing I like most about the mask is that it isn’t overly expensive (cough.. Glamglow mask anyone?) but it does make a difference.

Have you tried any other face mask? 

Whats your favourite?   
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