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Oversized Black Clutch: There is something really wonderful about having this in my wardrobe recently as it has become such a staple to my evening outfits. An effortless way to go from casual daytime to an evening look is to swap my tote bag to a classic black clutch, and my sandals to some patent heels and a slap of bright lipstick and I am ready to go. Don’t get me wrong though, I think an oversized black clutch is the perfect addition to any daytime outfit if you are just looking to carry a few things too! I recently bought this one on sale from Target (also for a bargain price - win!) but there are also really nice ones here, here, here and here.

Sunglasses: I used to have around ten different types of sunglasses until I decided enough was enough. The day came when I made an investment in a good quality pair of Rabyan Wayfarers and said goodbye to my $5 glasses that weren’t actually doing anything to give me any protection in the sun. Heres another fun fact (I know, you keep learning more and more about me, you lucky things!) I am terribly shortsighted and so I also got these a prescription lens in them so I can see clearly and I simply cannot express how happy that makes me. Finally I can say goodbye to awkward days outside wearing my cheap (non prescription) lenses and running up to someone who looks just like my friend… but isnt. Awwwkward.  

Polaroid Camera: Now this isn’t an essential - we all know that, but it sure is a hell of a lot of fun. I actually wrote a post about it last year as an early Christmas present to myself because working in retail was just driving me up the wall- and sometimes a girl just needs a bit of retail therapy. It really has been  worth it though, taking it on picnics and parties with me. Even my grandma thinks it’s the best thing she has ever seen - now thats saying something. 

Perfume: I love perfume, I have two different scents that I always come back to but at the moment it is ‘Alien’ by Thierry Mugler. In terms of the smell? Well, it isn’t too sweet - if scents could speak it would probably say something alone the lines of … “look at me just sitting here on your skin smelling incredible, but boys- don’t even think about it because I am far too sophisticated to ever fall for someone like you” . Go smell it and you’ll see what I mean! 

Lipstick: My boyfriend would be the first person to tell you that I own far too many (don’t we all?) but recently I have fallen in love again with my SAX lipstick in ‘Soft Rose’. Aside from it being an absolute bargain for the quality you get, the colour is beautiful and wearable everyday. Honestly, if you haven’t tried SAX lipsticks yet- look them up and give them a go because you will love them! (They also have a really nice bronzer just FYI). 

What do you think? Did I cover some of the essentials? 

What do you always have in your bag! 

Let me know! 

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