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1/ Its not always 50/50.
Sometimes its 70/30 and that's okay. Instead of complaining, there needs to be understanding that sometimes you need to pick up the extra work while your partner focuses on other things (job, personal problems etc). What is not okay is if the imbalance stays indefinitely and without clear communication. One person cannot be expected to be the backbone of an entire relationship.

2/ The past cannot be erased. 
Healthy relationships are not free of wounds, they are acknowledged as something that brings depth and character to us as individuals and strength to a relationship. Everything we have experienced whether good or bad was a learning experience and to grow we need to remember it and learn from it.

3/ Let it go.
When you live with your someone you get to see every side to them - happy, sick, sad, stressed, crying, hungover - you name it, they've seen it. Unlike the movies it won't always be all laughs, however you need to take the good and the bad together. Be calm and  make tea for your partner after you've had a heated argument, even though they might not deserve it. Supportive relationships through the bad make the good feel even more enjoyable. 

4/ Manners never grow old.
Never forget to say please and thank you as well as a compliment here and there. Although it may sound obvious it can be easy to forget when you're stressed or distracted. Its also surprising how much nicer we can be when you are conscious of it. 

5/ Have fun. 
There are certainly situations where you need to take things seriously, and in some relationships (e.g. professional relationship with your Manager) it may be deemed inappropriate but being light-hearted and making the most of every opportunity. Enjoy every cuddle, every laugh, every joke. Life is too short to wait for perfect moments. Just enjoy what you have. 

These things are relevant for romantic relationships, family or friends. 
What are some things you've learnt about relationships? 

Let me know! 
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