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I will be the first one to say I don't follow seasonal trends when it comes to nail polishes- I feel that when the weather is cold and miserable it is even more of a reason to wear bright nail polish. Although recently I have really loved wearing darker red tones especially these two. Even though its now Spring in Australia (although the weather refuses to pick up its game- I'm honestly thinking of investing in rain boots soon!) I have found myself edging towards autumnal colours (I think I'm destined to be in the Northern Hemisphere right now... Paris, Rome, Greece anyone?). These ones have been on repeat for the past month and I love them!

Mecca Cosmetica 'Boadicea' : There is just something about a deep plum (whether it be on your lips or nails) that says 'look how effortlessly sophisticated I am!'. More understated than a fire engine red colour but just as powerful. I've never tried the Mecca Cosmetica range before but I am really impressed, they also have a ton of really beautiful colours in their range (this is where my non-existent will power kicks in). My current favourites in their collection are: Miranda and Audrey. swoooon. 

Revlon Parfumerie 'Bordeaux': This is the first scented nail polish I have ever used and I can honestly say I liked it. weird, because I never like these things. I imagined it to be a very overwhelming scent that travelled with you wherever you went (unless you planned on leaving your hands behind one day... yes, thanks captain obvious). I did find that the formula can get a bit gluggy if you go too hard too fast, so thin coat and then another one on top maybe 20 minutes later will do. 

What are your favourite nail polish colours or brands at the moment? 

Let me know! 
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