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I have always dabbled in my skincare routine - never to be someone that stuck to the same products, I would be constantly switching brands on the look for ones that responded best with my skin. In all honesty sometimes I would go for months at a time just using hand soap on my face because it seemed to do the job. It was actually the morning after having washed my face with soap that my skin decided to take a stand. My face (which usually isn't sensitive) stung, it felt dry and no amount of moisturiser would make it feel any better, it was horrible. I went to my local Mecca Cosmetica and the assistant handed me this Malin + Goetz cleanser and moisturiser with the words “Trust me, you’ll never go back to anything else”. Big call  - but he was right. 

Malin + Goetz Grapefruit Face Cleanser: 
This really is nothing fancy, but it works better than anything I’ve tried. It is a clear gel formula that lathers perfectly in the shower to give your skin a really deep clean. It isn’t drying, it’s suitable for all skin types and it has antibacterial grapefruit agent which helps to prevent breakouts. Its that easy! 

 Malin + Goetz Vitamin E Face Moisturiser
I apply a small amount of this (and you really only need a small amount) over my face once I am out of the shower. It hydrates the skin without blocking pores and has chamomile along with absorbent fatty acids that reduce any irritation or dryness. I find it a slightly cheaper version of the This Works: Perfect Look Skin Miracle but both work well on my skin. 

Whats your skincare story? 

Let me know! 

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