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If you follow me on instagram (@dearyouloveem) then you'll know that this week has been a different kind of wonderful. It certainly wasn't free from its downfalls but this week Dan and I fell in love with this tiny Mini Lop. He is only 7 weeks old and an absolute trouble maker, he will get in to anything even though we make all efforts to 'bunny proof' his room. Also, he eats everything and anything - in fact I am pretty sure that is all he does (just quietly I bet he got that from me...)

My favourite part is that he plays 'chase'. If you run away from him he'll just follow you around the room weaving in and out of your legs - its melt your heart adorable. On a side note it also means I've accidentally stepped on him a few too many times, but we will keep that our little secret!

Do you have an animal? Tell me stories! 

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