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It's time I have a confession. Are you ready? Alright. I have a whopping 45 drafted posts that I have jotted down when inspiration has struck ready to finalise and publish. I genuinely get so excited when I get to sit down at my laptop and have a bit of me and you time (yes, you right there reading this!) and I have so much planned for DearYouLoveEm, in fact… is it too much to say I have already started writing three Christmas related posts? Yeah-huh that happened. That said, its not always easy so here are five tips to get you back into the swing of things if you’ve lost your blogging mojo… 

1/ It’s not a competition: I am the queen of comparison. I need more beauty posts like (insert blogger’s name), I should buy a fancy camera because (blogger’s name) has better photos and mine just won’t do!  Whatever you have thought, trust me I’ve been there too. The problem with comparing yourself to other bloggers is that there will always be blogs that are better (and worse) then yours, so you need to take off your competitive hat and just enjoy your blog for what it is. Uniquely yours. 

2/ Remember why you started: I can’t stress this enough, if you start because you want followers or PR companies to notice you, you won’t last long. It takes awhile to get feedback and you know what? Thats a good thing! The number of familiar faces I recognise that comment on my blog give a sense of a community and thats why I write. Remember why you started, was it a creative outlet? A fun and supportive community? A love of writing in itself? Keep true to why you started and you’ll find your blogging spark in no time. 

3/ Communicate: I spend hours everyday looking at other blogs, and talking to bloggers on twitter and instagram.  The more you invest in the community, the more inspired you can be to create content for it. Its that simple. 

4/ Organise organise organise: Have a folder that has anything that inspires you. Motivational quotes, images and ideas for future posts. Whenever the writers block hits, just open up the folder and it’ll get  creative juices flowing and give you a fresh perspective. 

5/ Try something new: Try writing about something you wouldn’t usually, or get a new editing software for your photos. Whatever it is, try and spice up the way in which you produce your content. You never know, you might discover a new way of doing something that changes your blog for the better. Win. 

Have you recently lost your blogging mojo? 

What got you back into blogging?

Let me know! 

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