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Can you believe the last time I wrote for my ‘Sunday Smiles’ series was at the very beginning of August!? Madness. Thankfully I can promise you that I have smiled in the couple of months, especially this past week and here’s why:

1. Oscar’s personality is starting to shine through: The cheeky thing isn’t just an ‘eating and pooping machine’ after all. phew. If you missed meeting him, check out the man here.

2. Putting life into perspective: Warning, this is a bit of a tear jerker but after watching this I really started to realise how valuable life is, and feel blessed for every moment. A must see. 

3. Filming a video for Youtube: My best friend came over and we filmed two videos - I honestly don’t know if they’ll ever surface from my memory card because it is just a whoooole lot of ridiculous, but it was really fun. Let’s just say there’s a reason I’m a blogger… haha! 

4. Finding new apps: Okay, if you grew up with a tamagotchi then I am about to blow your mind. I found this app called ‘Hatchi’ and it is really addictive. You do have to pay for it, but it brings back childhood memories and I love it!

5. Having a Giveaway: I know this sounds ridiculous but I am having my first proper giveaway for DearYouLoveEm just for all you lovely people who comment and tweet me. I just really like you and I think it’s time I take what we have to another level wiiink. It starts tomorrow so get excited! 

What has made you smile this week? 

Let me know! 

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