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It’s been awhile and over the past week I sat at my laptop knowing that I should write something, but nothing seemed genuine. I never want DearYouLoveEm to feel scripted, it needs to be real, authentic and well… me! 

Thankfully I am feeling more and more like myself now, but have nothing to report to you other than how incredibly wonderful it was to be back in my own bed and see my favourite bunny jumping towards me… Oh Oscar, you big cutie! Thankfully the world keeps on spinning and I found some things to keep your eyes (and your bellies) satisfied until I am back on the horse! 

1. Here are 52 Lists to help you find your spark - trust me, they work! 
2. Is this what we've come to? Time to put our phones down.
3. I have the biggest blog crush on these girls - its just beautiful 
4. I can’t wait to give this feature wall a go when I am feeling better.
5. Is your mouth watering? Well its about to! For those of you going into Autumn this soup is for you!

Please share any websites/news that you’ve found interesting this month! 

I love a good read!

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