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Your mind is buzzing with ideas and your memory card is filled with photos, you sit down at your laptop and suddenly its gone. Inspiration has left the building. Your genius idea now seems like something you’d have written in primary school and you're left with doubt whispering in your ear. If you’re anything like me here are a few things that stop me from writing...

  • "I’m too busy” : You have a job, a partner, a pet or a block of chocolate in the cupboard waiting for you. How can you possibly find the time to write? 
  • “My idea sucks” : Now that you’ve read over your post a few times its clear that your idea is boring and there is no way to fix it. All the ‘real bloggers never need to rework their idea, it just happens for them. 
  • “I have no muse” : Everyone knows when real bloggers sit down in front of their computers, the words just pour out. Successful writers must all have muses who inspire them in their dreams and solve all their writing doubts. 
  • “I’m not qualified to be a writer”: You don’t have a degree in Creative Writing, or maybe you have a degree in something completely irrelevant to english/literature. How on earth are you meant to be successful when you aren’t even qualified to write? 
Now here’s the truth:
  • Most bloggers are 'too busy' to write : Most successful bloggers have spouses, children, rabbits, cats, full-time jobs. Yet, they still write. Instead of finding the time to write, you make the time to write. 
  • Good ideas are developed, they don’t just appear: As far as having an idea that sucks, welcome to the first draft of every post I write. It takes time, research and patience to develop the right post. It doesn’t just happen. Although that would be nice if it did…
  • What muse?: I have no idea who has one, but if anyone does I would like to stage a kidnapping. Immediately. 
  •  Forget the qualifications: While I would love to have a degree in creative writing, the only thing you need is an idea and a pen. Then let your imagination do the rest. 

I hope this helps! Do any of you also struggle with doubt when writing?

Let me know!

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