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Hands up who loves a good-ol’ photo filter? Everyone? Thought so. Gone are the days where you rely solely on Valencia on Instagram to give your photos that ‘oomph’. Today I thought I would dive on in and give you a list of the top photo-editing apps I rely on. Ready? Lets go.

Afterlight - It may cost you a penny or two but this little app is my go-to for the majority of my photos. It lets you frame your images, gives you adjustable filers and regularly update their content so you never get bored. All hail Afterlight!

FxCamera - This is a relatively new one I stumbled upon a couple of weeks ago and I’m already in love. FxCamera lets you simulate different camera types making your photo look like it was taken with a polaroid camera, fisheye lens and the list goes on. Considering this app is free, its certainly worth having a look at.

Cymera - Admittedly I don’t use this one very often but it’s fun when you have time to play around with your photos as this nifty app offers you the ability to make your smile bigger, face slimmer, eyes larger. You name it, Cymera can probably do it.

Mextures - After paying for this app I instantly felt a twinge of regret. We couldn’t afford to splurge on ice cream this week but I could buy an app for $3? What. Was. I. Thinking. Then I opened it up and started looking at the incredible filters you could add to photos, and the rest is history. This app lets you mix and match your own filters, layering till you get the perfect photo, needless to say it was money well spent.

Piction - If you’re a quote lover like me you’ll love this for writing captions or text directly on your images. There is a large selection of fonts, styles and colours so you can personalise it to your taste. Be careful though, this app is pretty addictive after awhile…

What photo editing apps do you use? Let me know! 

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