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I am almost twenty three, and it scares me. When I was younger I remember sitting around the swings in the park, listening to my friends talk about their goals in life while I clutched my pen diligently listing down my own. I decided if I was going to live my best life, I needed to start organising it. I called it my ‘life plan’ (creative name huh?) and I loved it. As much as I love spontaneity, I have always been a fan of lists and plans. They provide comfort. They provide direction. Not to mention the fact I had ‘Marry a man with a British accent’ on mine. What’s not to like? 

As wildly creative as my ‘life plan’ was, it is certain to say I haven’t stuck to it very well. I am not a model, an actress, nor have I been on Oprah. I am meant to marry by 23, have a baby by 25 and oh my absolute favourite, ‘save the world’ by 32. Yeah… I told you I was a creative little one. What I’ve learnt is that unfortunately life doesn’t always go to plan, but it does give you things you never imagined and teaches you pleeeenty along the way. Here are five things I’ve learnt so far. 

1. The world doesn’t owe you anything: You are not entitled to anything in this world. Put your head down, work hard and respect the people around you. Try and stay positive and be the best version of you that you can be, its the only thing you have control of and it’s the only way you’ll get anywhere. 

2. Don’t waste your time: Time is non-renewable. Once it’s gone, it’s really gone. Don’t waste your time on people or things that have a negative impact on your life. Forget the friends or boys that forgot about you, and cherish the good ones that hung around. People change, friendships fall apart but the ones that stay are keepers. You deserve to have people around you who love and support you, anyone else is a waste of your time. 

3. You’ll make your money go further: You’ll learn to do more with less. You’ll also learn that if you spend your weeks pay on a big night out you’ll get to enjoy baked beans every night for the rest. of. the. week. Great… Just great.

4. Life goes on: My Grandpa used to say ‘no matter what happened the day before, the sun will always rise the next morning’ which really put things into perspective. We all go through breakups, loss of jobs,  friendship meltdowns, the list goes on, but the world will keep spinning. Failure is part of life and there will always be other opportunities out there if you keep your eyes and heart open. 

5. Your parents are people too: In your 20’s they are no longer the totally uncool authoritarians you saw as a teenager, nor the all-knowing protectors you saw as a child. They are peers, just two people who are somewhat flawed like the rest of us, doing their best to help out in every way they can to give you the best life you deserve. They deserve a medal.  

What have you learnt in your 20s? Let me know! 

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