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Twelve years ago, I wrote a bucket list. This list was filled with the aspirations and daydreams of eleven year old Emily. Although unlike other hobbies I had at that age, I managed to maintain this list for another five years, diligently crossing off accomplished items and replacing them with new plans. Ultimately however this list became buried under years of clothes, books and new memories… until I stumbled across it a week ago. 

I have always found it interesting reading things I wrote a year ago, (let alone eleven years) and seeing to what extent my personality and writing style has developed. Interestingly, it seems some things never change. I still want to be a better person, own my own apartment and 'live instead of exist’. Saving money is more of a necessity if I’d like to eat this week rather than an objective on a list, and kissing in the rain isn’t all it is cracked up to be.  Not to mention I should probably listen to #9… Clearly some things never change. Maybe one day…  

1. Get Married / 2. Save a persons life / 3. Learn to speak Italian / 4. Save money / 5. Stop Gossiping / 
6. Get my own house or apartment / 7. Get my drivers licence / 8. Write a book and get it published / 
9. Stop playing on the computer when I have things to do / 10. Make a CD of Happy Songs /
11. Be less addicted to MSN Messenger / 12. Get a boyfriend / 13. Kiss in the rain / 14. Stop being jealous / 15. Be pretty / 16. Get my ears pierced / 17. Be a better person / 18. List three things that make me happy everyday / 19. To live instead of exist / 20. Start a magazine. 

Have you ever had a bucket list from your childhood?
 What was on yours? 

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