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My favourite little man / Fairy-Bread! *drool* / Re-living the joy of childhood games / Stumbling across a new (and amazing) creperie in town / Weekends away / Christmas Tree made of Lego / Katy Perry
Concert / Wrapping up Christmas presents with my little helper / Sunday brunch

1/ My favourite little man Oscar has gotten so cheeky recently and I love that his personality is really shining through at the moment. There is nothing better at the end of the day then coming home and see him bounding up to you with his long floppy ears flying.

2/ Falling in love with Fairy-Bread all over again. It is just the easiest thing to make and bring to picnics/parties. Not to mention its so much more creative than bringing a packet of chips… 

3/ Everyone in my family knows that I am officially ‘Uno Champion’. I have carried around that title my whole life until I recently stumbled upon Uno last week and have been playing against Dan. We get quite competitive and Im a bit rusty but I refuse for him to take my title away! Time to step up my game and put my fight face on! 

4/ I don’t know how I am going to describe this without my mouth watering… Okay, too late. Let’s just say I found a new creperie in town and it was one of the tastiest things I’ve ever had. Mmmhmm. 

5/ Weekends away with Dan. 

6/ Sydney CBDs Christmas tree made entirely of lego brought back my childhood love of lego but on a much bigger scale. 

7/ Katy Perry concert the other night meant I could embrace my inner ‘roar’ and dress up. It was awesome. 

8/ Wrapping up Christmas presents with my little helper… now if he’d only stop unwrapping the presents after I’ve wrapped them. 

9/ Sunday brunch. 

I have really getting been getting into Instagram recently, feel free to follow me here *wink* and get ready for lots of photos of my little bunny oh and a ton of inspirational quotes… If you can’t post them on Instagram, when can you? 

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