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It’s finally December however with everything being so busy at the moment I feel like someone needs to come and inject Christmas spirit straight into my femoral artery  like a muscle relaxant that’ll leave me with a dreamy smile and closed eyes. Recently I have been so busy I feel like I am running around like a headless chicken being completely unproductive so I think it's time to sit back and take a breath. Here's a little snippet into my life at the moment. 

Cooking: nothing and eating out way too much. 
Drinking: hot chocolate made from real chocolate...mmhmm! 
Reading: 'Twenties Girl' by Sophie Kinsella. She is a hilarious author and perfect if you need a laugh. 
Wanting: Christmas holidays.
Looking: at the incredible summer weather outside. 
Playing: Adele's new album. 
Wasting: time.
Wishing: it was the weekend. 
Enjoying: catching up with friends I haven't seen in awhile. 
Waiting: to receive Christmas presents I ordered in the mail. Exciting!
Hoping: that you're all well and enjoying the festive season. 
Needing: a hug and a million dollars... any takers?
Smelling: my perfume - 'Beauty' by Calvin Klein. 
Wearing: a red lip. It's the closest thing to being festive at the moment...  
Noticing: all the lovely Christmas lights going up on the houses outside. 

What are you up to at the moment?

Let me know!   
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