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It’s finally the last month of the year - I certainly can not believe how fast this year has gone! Another month, another round of monthly goals to keep me (and this blog) developing. Usually another month brings another set of challenges, development and an overall sense of strictness that I’m going to steer clear of for December. It’s been a big year, and my goals for this month will be on aimed around taking time to reflect on all the achievements, and rest. Ah… even typing the word ‘rest’ is getting me relaxed.  

1/ FInish the year remaining as positive as I started it. It’s so easy with everyone being tired and working hard to be negative and see the world at it’s worst but I’m really going to try and remain optimistic. Only 4 more weeks till the end of the year - lets end it with a bang.

2/ Have ‘me’ time, and get into the Christmas spirit. Listening to Christmas music, baking Christmas treats, visiting the lights. It really is the most wonderful time of the year - I’m looking forward to a small holiday after Christmas it will be so great to be able to log off in a couple of weeks and spend time with loved ones. YAY!

3/ I have some exciting plans for Dear You Love Em in 2016 so hopefully I’ll be able to roll these out towards the end of Dec/early Jan. Will keep you posted. 

What are some of your goals for December? 

Can you believe we finally made it?
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