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Those of you in the northern hemisphere may not think there is anything unusual about writing a post about knitwear, however as I am based in Sydney, Australia I can confirm that it is summer. Not only that but I am currently on holidays. Now, before you start picturing me on a sun-bed holding a cocktail let me clarify by admitting that I am currently wearing my Christmas jumper (is that not the weirdest thing you’ve heard in January? Although it's the only jumper I happened to have with me), huddled under not one, but three blankets listening to rain outside and am unable to leave said holiday destination due to surrounding floods. Jealous? I thought so. 

To be honest I really can't complain, I have gone through my fair share of Greys Anatomy (no spoilers please!) and although we are currently running out of food (baked beans anyone?) it is lovely to be cuddled up under layers of blankets and clothing, which got me day-dreaming about some jumpers that may be more appropriate than the one I am currently rocking.

Jumper number six isn't something I would normally wear, but considering the lack of food we have in our current situation  it couldn't be more true!

Which one is your favourite? 
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